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The Workshop of the Arts and Crafts
Manifesto I

There is the traumatic part in the life of each one of us.(to all of our lives)
And the emptiness.
Each one manages.
The way we can.
The way we know.
With our resources and with our lack of resources.
There are unhappier forms and happier ones.
There is the devastating repetition. There is the invention, the creation.
There are (still) the arts.
There are (still) the crafts.
There are also the goods and the bad arts.
And the good and the bad crafts.
We are interested in the good ones, and the other good ones.
Because this already involves the others.
Even then we have to stand them, and stand us.
That is the workshop very reason.
Also to study, to transmit, to know how to do, to invent, to create.
To make ourselves.